About Me


I graduated from Istanbul University, Faculty of Economics and Business Administration in 1979.

My business career was started in 1975. Following the Bank inspectorship and manager position, I have worked for 30 years in textile, confectionery, communication, international transportation and chemical industry sectors in management level. Recently, I have been working as C.E.O of Decasoft A. G. (Switzerland / Turkey).

Sectors’ leading local and international organizations, I have been specialized in mergers and acquisitions, financial structuring, planning, management, budgeting, asset & liability and risk management and procurement systems.

I gave Macro Economics and Finance lectures at the University of Yeditepe for four years. Since 2004 I have given Operations Research and Project Management lectures in Istanbul Technical University, and Economy, Enterprise Resource Planning, Effective Communication, Crisis Management courses at Kadir Has University.

I held many in-house seminars and wrote two books as "Managerial Accounting", "Business Communication and Reporting Techniques" and several articles.

My last book "The Sun Rises from the West" was published in 2020.

Basic financial information to help for the management trainees.

Book is in English, targeting mainly students as a textbook.

The book is about ‘Business Communication & Presentation Technics’ . The first edition is sold out. I do hope to prepare the second edition with additional information one day.

The book is in Turkish.

- Article - Abstract : This paper is about the design and implementation of an examination system based on World Wide Web. It is called FLEX - Flight License Exam Software. We designed and implemented flexible and modular software architecture. The implemented system has basic specifications such as appending questions in system, building exams with these appended questions and making students to take these exams. There are three different types of users with different authorizations. These are system administrator, operators and students. System administrator operates and maintains the system, and also audits the system integrity. The system administrator can not be able to change the result of exams and can not take an exam. Operator module includes instructors. Operators have some privileges such as preparing exams, entering questions, changing the existing questions and etc. Students can log on the system and can be accessed to exams by a certain URL. The other characteristic of our system is that operators and system administrator are not able to delete questions due to the security problems. Exam questions can be inserted on their topics and lectures in the database. Thus; operators and system administrator can easily choose questions. When all these are taken into consideration, FLEX software provides opportunities to many students to take exams at the same time in safe, reliable and user friendly conditions. It is also reliable examination system for the authorized aviation administration companies. Web development platform - LAMP; Linux, Apache web server, MySQL, Object-oriented scripting Language - PHP are used for developing the system and page structures are developed by Content Management System - CMS.